Gropi’s briefcase

14/09/2009 – NYC, College of Staten Island
15/09/2009 – NYC, ISCP
15/11/2009 – Ilmenau, GoetheStadtmuseum
10/12/2009 – Erfurt, Kunsthalle

A travelling exhibition-talk project, including works by Christiane Haase, Kraus & Sauter, Schroeter & Berger and Laura Strasser as well as by Min Oh and Scott Teplin; the commuting curator – following the tracks of some Bauhaus masters to the US (during the Bauhaus jubilee year in 2009) – met with the last mentioned artists in NYC, bringing their work to Europe

Supported by Kulturstiftung des Freistaats Thueringen.

Photos: Andreas Oberthuer, n.n.