Kunsthalle Erfurt, 03/05–14/07/2019

A tomcat at the Bauhaus – and in a picture book and at Erfurt Kunsthalle. In addition, many young readers, visitors, and designers: At the opening of the exhibition and book presentation of BAUHAUS-KATER FRITZIE the kids from classes 3b and 3c of the Grundschule am Schwemmbach were simply GREAT!

Many thanks to them and their teachers and their agent for cultural projects. To these kids with their tongues turned blue, red and yellow after enjoying lollipops of the very colors, and in the 3 Bauhaus shapes (of course vegan and organic). Blue tastes like blue, red like red, and yellow like yellow, a square like a triangle or a circle. Actually and luckily, these lollies tasted like blue- or strawberry or lemon, of course. Also Fritzie, the Bauhaus cat, represents a kind of natural principle persisting even the Bauhaus. A big THANK YOU to Mylène Rigaudie for the most beautiful and sensitive illustrations!


(c) Photos: Thomas Mueller
Kunsthalle Erfurt/Stadtverwaltung, Grundschule am Schwemmbach/Erfurt
Mylène Rigaudie and Revolver publishing